The way we work:
We start by finding the strengths in each family. We help them identify what is not working well and explore what changes family members want to make, individually and together. We develop the skills and strategies they already know and use them to achieve solutions. We help them to identify and change entrenched patterns in the way they relate to each other, to agencies and to the wider community. Crucially we find sustainable solutions.

What you said:
“We are closer now and stronger together. Things are not easy and we still have our moments but, through what we have learned, we now know how to get through them as a family.” Parent

The way we work:
Key to our success is helping young people identify what they want to achieve long term. Change begins when young people can see why this is relevant to their hopes and dreams. We help them to think about the first steps they need to take and how others can help them achieve their goals. We then act as a bridge between the young person, their parents, schools and others.

We help everyone to gain insight into the young person’s context and reality and then chart a course where success drives change. By motivating and inspiring young people to make that change, they can experience reward and recognition that encourages them to overcome negatives cycles of behavior.

What you said:
“We have been delighted with Inspire South West’s involvement in our extended provision for children and families who can find it tough going at different points in their lives. Lyn Brown provides a confidential, reliable and committed service to children who are struggling to work within the boundaries of school expectations – sometimes as a result of family pressures. She provides nurturing for parents too, to give them a sense of optimism and positivity to regain control of difficult situations.”

Kay Sanders
Deputy Headteacher, Student Support,
Well-Being and Community, The Park School