Inspire South West is driven by a belief in the potential of every individual.
We are passionate about inspiring and empowering young people and
families to live full and enriching lives.

We believe that:

  • Young people thrive, given the right opportunity and skills
  • Families want to succeed and want the best for their children
  • There are always strengths that can be built on and nurtured
  • Families grow and change, given the right support


Inspire South West specialises in working with young people and families to achieve lasting
change. We reframe their circumstances, identify and develop transferrable skills and build
resilience. Young people and their families are subsequently more informed and equipped
to overcome barriers to change and work towards achievable goals.
We work through a strengths-based approach which shifts the focus from the negative to
the positive and, in so doing, anchors new patterns of insight and behaviour.
We build the team around the young person and their family, working with schools and
other agencies to raise aspirations and attainment and improve well-being.

Our service is professional, impartial and confidential.

I founded Inspire South West because I am incredibly passionate and committed about supporting young people and families. I have 27 years’ experience
of working in this sector. I feel privileged to have the opportunity to make a genuine difference through raising aspirations and helping individuals to reach their true potential.

Lyn Brown,
Founder and Director,
Inspire South West